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  5. "Han har gode referanser."

"Han har gode referanser."

Translation:He has good references.

July 9, 2015



Are "referanser" and "attester" interchangeable? I used the word references for the latter, and it was accepted as correct.


They're not interchangeable, but "reference" has so many meanings that it covers both.

An "attest" is a written statement or testimony, which attests to a person's qualities and qualifications. It could be a favourable reference from your previous boss or co-worker, but also covers many official certificates; birth certificates, vaccination certificates, etc.

A "referanse", in the context of applying for a job, is either a person who will vouch for you abilities, or the reference to such a person. The act of referring something, or referring someone to someone, is also a referanse, as are citations/references in academical works.


Why does gode have an e on the end of it here? I have just been using god up to now.


Because it has to agree with the plural "referanser".


Thank you. I think I understand.


I really like that this course is super realistic. Most Norwegian employer are absolutely obsessed with references and recommendations.


Why is ''He has good referees'' not accepted when it was accepted in a different sentence with ''referanse'' in it?


This lesson of the "work" branch is giving me second-hand stress!

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