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"We were supposed to have done something."

Translation:Vi skulle ha gjort noe.

July 9, 2015



I would have reverse translated this to "We should have done something", which is quite different to what the English sentence says


Agreed, I would have translated it into "Det var meningen at vi skulle [ha] gjort noe."


Both work, and they do mean similar things, although they aren't identical.


I can't speak for the a Norwegian but in my view the English sentences are not quite interchangeable "We should have done" - present judgment of past inaction "We were supposed to have done" - judgment in past of inaction preceding moment of judgment So if the washing machine floods your basement today you'd say "I should have replaced the gasket" but if you were telling someone today how it happened last week you'd say "I was supposed to have replaced the gasket"

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