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Why did Duolingo reset my streak?

I was at 30+ days in a streak, and today my counter has gone to 2. I know I didn't miss a day. Please advise how I can get the streak back...it was a big part of my motivation!

July 9, 2015



Did you reach your daily XP target as well as not missing a day?

Have you thought about getting a streak freeze? It may have protected your streak.


I have a streak freeze as a 'just in case', and I did meet my target every day...


I've just witnessed the same thing here---did my session yesterday morning (part of my daily routine), but today, the mobile app shows 0 for yesterday, resetting my streak to day 1 today.

VERY frustrating, since that streak not only kept me motivated, but was part way through a 5-lingot "Double or Nothing." :::urgh:::

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