"Who knows!"

Translation:Si det!

July 9, 2015



Why is this sentence in the Imperative skill?


It's because the Norwegian sentence it's based on is an imperative: "Si det!"

Which can either be translated literally to the English imperative "Say it!", a little less literally to the imperative "Tell me!", or as an idiom/fixed expression to "Who knows!" or "I wonder!".


Thanks! (The standard translation I am being shown is hvem vet)


"Who knows" is "hvem vet" in Norvegian.

"Si det" is impossible to guess as a translation.

Someone could say: "Hvem vet?"

You could answer: "ja, si det."

It's not at all something you need to learn.


So, if I'm right, Linhars, "si det" would be "who knows" in context of something that is not widely known or not known and does not require a strict answer. Usually interchangeable with a lot, but not always. E.g. How many grains of sand are there on the beach. - Who knows! Or, "who knows when this isolation's gonna end".

But hvem vet would be when a teacher asks in the clasroom: "Who knows what's the capital of Norway?"


Similar to French "va savoir," which is also an imperative. I just found French movie called Va savoir (Who Knows? in English): https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Va_savoir

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