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"He drinks milk and we drink water."

Translation:Ólann sé bainne agus ólaimid uisce.

July 9, 2015


[deactivated user]

    From my understanding, "ólann muid/sinn" is the analytic form of "ólaimid". So why isn't "ólann muid" an accepted answer? I reported it.


    I'm still not sure why "he drinks" needs a pronoun but "we drink" does not.


    Ólaimid = Ólann muid The we (muid) is incorporated into the verb, just like with the I (mé) form (Ólaim = Ólann mé)


    So if they're the same, and seen as interchangeable in other exercises, why isn't ólann muid an acceptable answer here? Is it just a mistake?


    Whats is the difference between "Ólann sé bainne" and "Ólann bainne aige"

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    ólann bainne aige is just a random collection of words - it's not a sentence.


    if there is a sé why is there no sinn?


    My response reversed sé and bainne and got marked as using the wrong word, when it was a syntax error. Is it really wrong to put the direct object before the pronoun in Irish?

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    The pronoun is the subject of the verb.

    Putting the object before the subject is really wrong in Irish, and when a 3rd person pronoun occurs in the direct object position in a sentence, it becomes é, not . Olann bainne é is grammatically correct, though logically incorrect.

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