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Buying a Heart

Hi all, anyway doing a test, miss on last one so I buy a heart, thinking it would add it to (that) test, no, takes me to test over, that's cool but thought can't wait till out of hearts to use it, so used it when I lost one. Well then of course I pass thru test with one or two hearts left over. So that means I lost a heart without needing it, so I will do another test later to see if it pops up on next test, but I'm thinking it just gets thrown away if not used. So if I'm thinking correctly about this, you can't wait till out of hearts to buy one, but if you buy one at first loss then it might go to waste, or even on second loss would go to waste if you got thru test. Am I right it's just a risk you take? or am I missing something about it?

October 12, 2013

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you can't wait until you're out of hearts to buy one. You need to buy a heart at the store before you start a lesson/practice. Then, when/if you lose a heart during that lesson/practice, duo will give you the option to use the extra heart if you want.

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