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  5. "Її друзі не чули її."

"Її друзі не чули її."

Translation:Her friends did not hear her.

July 9, 2015



The word "її" makes me crack up whenever I hear it. :D


Sounds like a really tragic story


Or a horror plot "Her friends never heard her screams..."


"Her friends haven't heard her" should be accepted.


It should be accepted, but why complicate it by using the present perfect tense? It's simpler to translate from past tense to past tense.


Її confuses me here, as the 2 instances are obviously 2 different cases. Can anyone explain? Thanks


Her friends did not hear her - we have two "her"s here, they mean 2 different cases, just as you say. The first її is possessive pronoun, WHOSE FRIENDS? - HER FRIENDS. The last її is the accusative case of вона (she).


Thanks. I thought her possessive was їй


Close. The dative case is їй.


I am still trying to grasp this concept but would not both "hers" be dative, because neither are the subject of the sentence? It seems to me friends are the subject and both the hers support that. Am I wrong?


"her friends," "her" is a possessive pronoun. "Hear her," "her" is accusative, the object of the verb.


None of them is dative. You are right, "friends" are the subject, the first "her" defines it - whose friends? her friends, not his or mine. The last "her" is the object for the verb "heard" - whom didn't they hear? her, not me or themselves. Both "her"s are different forms of the pronoun "she", though they look the same in both Ukrainian and English. This is not the case, eg., for German: ihre Freunde hörten sie nicht (ihre and sie are the forms used in our sentence, but they don't look the same anymore). Or French: ses amis ne l'écoutaitent pas (ses and l'). Hope this was helpful.

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