"Lui mangia un fagiolo."

Translation:He eats a bean.

December 29, 2012

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For those who this one seems weird, I must tell that it is habitual in Duolingo. And you probably will find weirder ones, or perhaps for laughing, like We are turtles, You are a penguin...


Those I understand! They're funny; they help words stick in your mind.

What I don't get is why we're learning "il fagiolo" instead of "i fagioli." Do Italians talk about "the bean" or "one bean" more often than "beans" (plural)???

Could someone who is native/fluent and/or someone from D.L. please give us some clarity on this one?

PS - If I sound a bit excited or desperate, it is because I am. This question has been bugging me for a while now.


don't worry too much about what the hidden cultural preferences may be, because we need to learn (possible) correct grammar first. We can't learn every phrase we will ever use but we need a base to substitute around. Think of a conversation about a girl's first date with a boy deathly allergic to beans.

A. And he was stealing food off my plate in such a romantic manner. And of course you know what happens next? B. What? Come on tell me. A. He eats a bean! He turns red and starts choking . Not very romantic at all.

If you can say this then you can substitute beans etc . If you have plural vowels you must be able to specify singular and plural as needed


We are learning singular nouns now. We have not learned plurals yet but, have patience, we will. I have said the word "bean" many times in my life. It's not as if it's a word never said.


What I don't understand, is why the single bean? Is he on an extreme diet? Is he struggling financially? There's a story there, and the people need to know.


It's a boring story: whoever added the word to the course forgot to add the plural :P

I.e. we can't have "fagioli" in any sentence in the course unless the staff takes on the somewhat lengthy process of extending the course vocabulary.


The sentence makes me think of Homer the flea in the old cartoon short "What price fleadom" by Tex Avery. Homer eats a bean in the beginning of the cartoon!


I was unpacking a bag of whole coffee beans I bought today into a container, but minute or so later found a single bean that escaped. I was too lazy to open up the container to store it so I ate it. A single bean. Io mangio un fagiolo.


Unfortunately that doesn't work in Italian: a coffee bean is 'un chicco di caffè', a soya bean is 'un seme di soia' and so on for everything that isn't the legume variety of beans (most of which, quite tellingly, are of the genus phaseoulus).


Yeah, it was kind of a reach to begin with considering how general the term "bean" is in English. I appreciate the information though.


Maybe it was a very large bean?


who the heck eats ONE bean??!!


A bean taster? Maybe he is comparing the flavours of different foods? Or testing the food for poison before allowing the king to eat the whole meal? Or maybe he is reluctant to eat beans and a friend is encouraging him to try just one single bean? Or maybe he is destitute and only has one bean to eat, Charlie Chaplin style?


"legume" not accepted 4-19


Why would it be? It's not synonym with bean: lentils and peas are legumes too.


Thank you for responding. I have always heard beans referred to as legumes


f.formica: this came back around so now I'd like to further our discussion from 4-19. I'd like to know the reason you think beans are not legumes.


They are, it's the opposite that's not true: legumes (legumi) are a family of vegetables (leguminosae / fabaceae) that includes beans (fagioli), broad beans (fave), lupin beans (lupini), soybeans (soia), peas (piselli), chickpeas (ceci), Indian peas (cicerchie), peanuts (arachidi / noccioline americane), lentils (lenticchie), carobs (carrube), and even clover (trifoglio).

[deactivated user]

    Are green beans "fagioli verde"?

    And is are coffee beans "fagioli di caffè"?

    • Green beans = fagiolini
    • Coffee beans = chicchi di caffè


    Man! The person must be on a very strict diet. Makes me wonder why we are learning to talk about eating one bean. :-0


    Un fagiolo (A bean) LMAO. Who eats one singular bean?


    A bean is best if baked fresh as a Sunday pie

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