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Dedicated Statistics Page

Would anybody else be really interested in getting a page that has all of your statistics for your languages on it? I know Duolingo already has some stats, but they're dispersed around the app and website which can make finding them a chore. It would be really cool to have a whole page with all the current stats, plus new things like "time spent studying", line graphs of your progress, "most frequent missed words", etc. It would also be nice to have more stats added to the app. I know that Duolingo is working on that though.

October 12, 2013



I am a huge statistics nerd, so I fully support this.:)


Yes, I would love it too! I would like some global comparison stats as well. Maybe even real time ones - such as when you make a mistake, the owl pops up and says 'X% of German learners also got this wrong'


That would be awesome!:)


Totally. Not only would it be cool, I feel that it would motivate me too, to see how far I've come.


Yes. I like that idea.


Excellent idea. I'm sure it would help motivate users to keep active and continue studying (myself definitely included).


The "most frequent missed words" are genial idea :D


Yeah, I agree with you. That'd be cool


I actually sent the support team an email like two months ago suggesting this feature. I hope they are add it because it would be really useful to know the total time it took me to learn a new language from scratch. For example, I would be able to see that I picked up German twice as fast as French but similar to the time it took me to learn Italian, etc.


It sounds great but it would be impossible for a computer to track time spent studying because how can a computer tell whether the user is staring at the computer screen trying to figure the grammar of a word/phrase/sentence or if the user got up to make a snack in the kitchen or is surfing the web while logged on Duo.

But I'm all for more useful statistics.


Wouldn't it also be awesome if there was a constantly updating graph that showed how many people are online, how many people are studying this language, etc.


That would be awesome! Thanks for bringing it up bengorman!


I love this idea.


really great idea :) i love checking my progress and such a statisctic page would be great as far as i am concerned and from what i gather, many people here


I love learning new facts so sign me right up


I would love to see a world statistics page hahaha


I would especially like to be able to see how many skill points I earned each day farther into my history than just a week. Unless I am missing something, there's no way to see how consistent I've been for the last month or longer.

[deactivated user]

    Great idea! I also support it


    Great idea. Stats help you to focus on what you need to work on, and to encourage you with the progress you have made.


    Hearty +1 to the suggestion for most frequently missed words. I definitely need something like that :)


    I took a statistics class so I concur


    Yes, I actually thought that they had one at first and spent some time looking for it :/


    Yes! I love statistics!


    Very good idea. I would like to have something like table or graph with XP per day for long time (like last 6 month) or if it is difficult, maybe statistics for XP by week/month for last 6 month. Just to know how my progress is changing over the time. Now I can see this data only for last week :(


    Bumping this back up! Would loooove to see a statistics page, I hope the information is being saved in some way. Especially a "longest streak," I'm about to hit 365 and want some permanent record of that :D

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