"She has your peaches."

Translation:Tá do phéitseoga aici.

July 9, 2015



I'm learning Irish because of my favorite book charicter... #ArtemisFowlrules I also really like this languge, but it is SO hard to learn. :-D

March 7, 2017

<h1>ArtemisFowlRules YEAH SISTAH! Artemis Fowl is pretty dang awesome!</h1>
April 24, 2017


Can anyone explain the method/reasoning behind when an extea letter is added?

July 9, 2015


There are a number of rules that trigger Lenition (that extra h after a consonant). In this case, it is caused by the possessive pronoun do.

The reason why lenition exists at all has to do with the way the spoken language developed - lenition made the stream of spoken language smoother.

July 9, 2015


You can always find the rules for any lection in the browser version

September 11, 2017


Thanks, was wondering!

October 21, 2017


whats the difference between pheitseoga and peitseoga

July 3, 2019



July 3, 2019


Why does aici become ici here? The prompts suggested aici for "she has". It didn't hint at ici at all.

August 28, 2015


Where are you seeing ici? I only see aici

August 29, 2015


anmhor is right, the first suggestion is "Tá bhur bpéitseoga ici", instead of "Tá bhur bpéitseoga aici"...

February 23, 2016


Again I ask, where are you seeing this? Where are you seeing a suggestion for the whole phrase rather than individual hints on each word?

February 23, 2016


I was referring to the sentences that appear in the correction. The first sentence is "Tá bhur bpéitseoga ici", the second one is "Tá do phéitseoga aici"

February 23, 2016


I've just seen "ici" while practising. 2018-05-16. Reporting.

May 15, 2018


Which Skill were you doing when you encountered this?

February 24, 2016


I saw this in the plurals exercises.

January 7, 2019


Yeh... you guys must be brainless.

August 2, 2018


The only place I am seeing ici is in the incorrect answers on multiple choice questions. Emphasis being, they're incorrect.

July 27, 2016


It's an error. Aici is correct

May 7, 2018


Would Tá bhur bpéitseoga aici be correct as well?

May 15, 2019


What does aici mean?

September 16, 2016


In Irish, the prepostions are combined with person pronouns, so "ag mé" becomes agam, "ag tú" becomes agat, etc. aici is "ag í" - literally "at her", but in this particular construction (combined with the verb ) it means "She has".

Irish doesn't use the verb "have" to indicate possession - it uses the structure Tá X ag Y to say that "Y has X" - Tá X aici is "She has X"

September 16, 2016


FYI to whomever keeps track of these things: I hovered over the dotted word "phéitseoga" to check my spelling before submitting the answer, and it did not show the lenition as indicated in this case. I don't know if that's something that's looked at or not.

January 9, 2018

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This is an English to Irish exercise, so there wouldn't have been a dotted word phéitseoga for you to hover over, only the English word "peaches".

The Irish for "peaches" is péitseoga. But the possessive pronoun do lenites the following noun, so "the peaches" is na péitseoga, but "your peaches" is do phéitseoga.

January 10, 2018


That's what I wrote but it keeps marking me wrong!

May 12, 2019


I got ici too

November 25, 2015


Thanks for the info, Gaeligeoirí who know a heck of a lot more than me.

January 11, 2018


this needs a correction. If you use bhur instead of do, it wants you to use ici instead of aici.

February 5, 2018


has "tá do pheitseoga aici" and "tá bhur bpeitseoga aici" the same meaning?

August 14, 2018

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do is singular - you are only talking to one person.

bhur is plural - you are talking to two or more people.

August 14, 2018


Why is phéitseoga not in the on-screen translation? I've noticed this about other words as well. It isn't that hard to set it up!

October 27, 2018

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The difference between péitseoga and phéitseoga is like the difference between "peaches" and "Peaches". The Irish for "peaches" is péitseoga, but just as there are particular circumstances that cause you to capitalize the first letter of a word, without changing its meaning, there are particular circumstances that cause you to lenite a word in Irish, without changing it's meaning. One of those circumstances is the possessive adjectives mo and do.

péitseoga - "peaches" - tá péitseoga ar an mbord - "there are peaches on the table"
mo phéitseoga - "my peaches" - tá mo phéitseoga ar an mbord - "my peaches are on the table"
do phéitseoga - "your peaches" - tá do phéitseoga ar an mbord - "your peaches are on the table"

October 28, 2018


i think i got it right. but no i did not get it right. that just wrong

January 11, 2017


What age are you?(No offense)

August 2, 2018


Hummm, haven't even had the word "do" yet.

April 20, 2016
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