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Immersion: in "Original" view, nothing happen when clicking on a sentence to translate.

Hi Duolingo,

in Immersion, when in Original view, I click on a sentence -- as usual -- to make appear the translation window, but nothing happen. It started 2-3 hours ago but at the time the problem was only with very short entries (the "[1]", ... , "[9]" Wikipedia's notes) so I didn't worry so much. But now, within some article I can make appear the window in any sentence...

I tried to close an re-open Chrome, nothing changed.

PS: I know you have sometimes to click several time or, better, first close the open "window" to be able to open another one.

In fact it works on some Immersion's page and not in some others.
It doesn't work in this one: http://www.duolingo.com/translation/aee7f0fdafd18f002271302b4457706f

October 13, 2013

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Sometimes I have this problem. (Though, not as extreme as you seem to be experiencing) I double click the first sentence, and once i get the window open i press the down key to navigate to the next sentence rather than closing it after each sentence. (I am on windows 7, I use firefox).

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