"Ŝranko estas meblo, kvazaŭ granda kesto kun pordo aŭ pordoj."

Translation:A cabinet is a piece of furniture, like a big box with a door or doors.

July 9, 2015

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Judging by wiktionary's entry on kvazaŭ, this doesn't seem like accurate usage. Could someone more experienced than myself weigh in?


You can think of this as a condensed version of "Ŝranko estas [tia] meblo, kvazaŭ [ĝi estus] granda kesto kun pordo aŭ pordoj" (A cabinet is [that kind of] furniture, as if [it were] a big chest with a door or doors). As a conjunction, kvazaŭ is, indeed, roughly equivalent to "as if" in English. But, when I was still learning how to use it, I always found it helpful to know that it's also used as a prefix, which is nearly identical to quasi-.


"As if" and "like" mean the same thing, it's just that sometimes you can only use "as if" if you're trying to sound poetic.

"I felt a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced."

Even though that sentence is a bit different from this one, I think it illustrates the similarity in meaning.

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    I love you. I mean, mixing Star Wars into linguistics is mixing two of my most cherised topics. I must marry you.


    Could I not say "big chest" instead of "big box"?


    Yes. If it's marked wrong, report it.


    As of Sep 21, it looks like chest is working as that was the first word I had thought of.


    Would substituting kiel for kvazaŭ work here, and if so, are there any subtle differences between the two?


    "meblo": obviously comes from the french word "meuble".

    Very frustrating to have to type for "meblo" such a thing as "a piece of furniture" when there is in your first language a short word that looks exactly the same :D


    The help text here for ŝranko doesn't mention wardrobe, but in other places it does.

    I would not think of a big box with a door as a cupboard, a cupboard should have shelves to hold cups and other kitchen stuff.

    Then there's built-in cabinets and cupboards, so they aren't exactly like a box.

    It's fun sometimes to think of or use a thesaurus to find related words like closet, wardrobe, cupboard, cabinet, etc. and see how translations are similar or differ.

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