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  5. "Han tänker alltid på miljön."

"Han tänker alltid miljön."

Translation:He is always thinking of the environment.

July 9, 2015



Several times I have gotten this wrong for putting "He always thinks about the environment" which I would argue that "think of the environment" and "think about the environment" are equivalent (both essentially meaning "think about the consequences to the environment") in this sense. Or am I using a common English expression that is grammatically incorrect?


I actually think there's a small difference in meaning between the two in English, but anyway the Swedish one covers both, it was just an oversight that we hadn't included 'about' here.


Yeah, I think there is a very slight difference that I can't quite articulate. I am definitely enjoying being forced to examine my own language as a side effect of learning Swedish :)

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I think I can sum up the distinction fairly effectively:

Thinking of the environment means that you're taking into account the affect your actions are having on the environment as you act, with the intent of minimizing harm to the environment, or benefiting it.

Thinking about the environment is a more general statement. You're thinking about the environment, but not necessarily for any reason or with any intent.


I wrote "he is thinking always of the environment" which is exactly the same as "he is always thinking of the environment" in English


How is the following sentence translated into Swedish: He always considers the environment


Han tar alltid hänsyn till miljön.

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