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  5. "Eu estaria lá se eu pudesse."

"Eu estaria se eu pudesse."

Translation:I would be there if I could.

July 9, 2015



I am a native speaker and I suppose this exercise has an error: it does not accept the omission of the last "eu." In Portuguese we can say: "Eu estaria lá se EU pudesse" and "Eu estaria lá se { } pudesse."

Sorry, I am studying English and I do not know write this language properly.


Your English is pretty great (the only thing I would amend is *I don't know how to write), so you can't say you don't write it properly already :)

Your point is completely valid - if you notice something that needs correcting, please use the "Report a Problem" button that shows up below the question box after your answer is checked by Duo (it's directly to the left of the button that says "Discuss this sentence").


Why "I would STAY there if I could" is wrong?


Stay = ficar (to remain in one place for some time).


Thanks. But "stay" was also one of the suggested translations...


Why isn't it "poderia" instead of "pudesse"?


So, should the sentence be :"I would have been there if I could have"


I thought pudesse was past subjunctive...this seems like future or present subjunctive


It's the imperfect subjunctive that refers to a hypothetical present/future situation.


Could someone please point me to an explanation of this? DL's 'tips' section does not explain it at all. I really don't know what's going on in this sentence - and it's the first in the new section. Totally stuck.

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