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  5. "La femme fait des enfants."


"La femme fait des enfants."

December 29, 2012



In what circumstances can you use "faire" for "to have"?


Actually "the woman has some children" should be "la femme a des enfants". "faire des enfants" is a bit popular and not very respectful.

Otherwise, you can find:

Je fais laver la voiture = I'm having the car washed.

and other expressions with "faire" that do not translate by "do/make" : http://french.about.com/od/expressions/a/faire.htm


So "faire des enfant" is an idiomatic expression which can be "to have some children" or "to make children"? Yes, the faire construct of course (didn't think of that they are sometimes translated with have in English). Thanks!


Seem to be the PG13 translation!


the woman HAD kids. (or is she having them at the moment?)


As I said before "la femme fait des enfants" is not correct (pejorative). yet it would either mean that she is currently giving birth to children (??!!) or that a portion of the sentence is missing, like "la femme fait des enfants mais l'homme ne peut pas le faire".

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