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Don't give up

I want to share a word of encouragement. A couple weeks ago, I was feeling a bit down about my progress on Duolingo. I almost thought about giving up, but I want to learn French so badly, so I forced myself to keep going and now I am glad I did. Just this week I decided to go back and practice my verbs and much to my surprise, I was able to do the lessons very well. I still have a long way to go, but now it feels like this old brain is kicking in and ready to learn more French.

October 13, 2013



Good advice. For me, progress can feel slow at times but my plan is to stick with the Spanish course and continue to work on it a little bit every day.


Do you have any access to Spanish classes? Throughout high school and now college I've used Duolingo as a study aid and it's really helped! Just a tip, a class goes FAR more in depth than Duo could.


Not yet, although I've come across a few websites with fairly affordable internet tutoring.


Everyone has an individual learning method. I have studied Italian and I have forgotten most of what I learned but now it is Spanish and it is so much easier having had studied Italian. Italian is somewhat harder but learning a new language is hard if you want to speak it properly.There are days I want to give up and pack it in. But I keep going and if you don't practice, most words will vanish and seeing them over and over will help get into longterm memory. I have forgotten some of the earlier words but I keep seeing them again. So keep it up and you have the right attitude. And hopefully your words will help someone else reading this.


"Just this week I decided to go back and practice my verbs and much to my surprise, I was able to do the lessons very well."

That is something that I am hoping to avoid. What I mean is, I plan to practice a lot so that I don't forget old things. I don't want to ever feel like I have forgotten words that I learned early on in Duolingo. I am doing at least 1 practice session after every few lessons atm. Then besides that, I sometimes spend time just doing multiple practice sessions in a row until I am confident that I know everything in them.

Anyways, thanks for the encouragement.:)


when you get further on in your tree it is very difficult to re-practice all the sections that you have already done.


Maybe. I also follow a Memrise course with all of the Duolingo vocab, so that should help a lot too.


I was in the same boat. I'm trying to learn Italian. I ran through a streak where it seemed to come, if not easily, then quickly. I got to a part, though, where I just couldn't seem to get it, and became discouraged. I'm now going over all my old lessons, reviewing, and I'm amazed by how much is coming to me. The big thing here is to get what you do know solidly fixed in your mind before moving forward. We'll learn these languages, you can be sure of it. ;)


Good Advice I will not give up ☺☺☺


That's awesome !! Just reminber to always keep on trying


Thanks for the advice. :0)


Very well my "language friend" ;) Nobody should give up because sooner or later effects of your learning will be visible and then yoy'll be really glad of not having given up


thanks for the encouragement! im still in school and im learning latin there, so its hard for me to juggle two languages at once, but so far i really enjoy this course and can i remember everything ive learned. i do the same thing as JackBNE and learn a little more everyday, so i dont get overwhelmed. again, thanks for the encouragement!


I'm glad to see the encouragement. I was feeling pretty good about my progress in Spanish until the last two days. It seems that suddenly I don't understand any of the new stuff and how it fits/changes the way the stuff I already knew. I feel like I need way more actual instruction and explanation for why things are said/written the way they are. sometimes the discussion sections help, sometimes not. If anyone can tell me where I can find more grammatical help I would really appreciate it...because I feel like I'm getting nowhere fast lately.


Love Bob the Builder!!!


im finding german hard after a good year and still only level 1


I had the same problem when I first started German. I had to ride down the words and what they meant which helped me get though when I doing the levels. Maybe you try this.


Thanks for the encouragement! And everyone else in the comments as well! I've been addicted to learning French too, and the more new words I learn, I get more satisfied ^.^ I mean! who wouldn't? But there has been some long times- too lengthy, I should add- that I stopped learning when I reached into summer break. When I came back from the summer, I was sourly disappointed by all the words I've forgotten. Duolingo is also the most fun I've ever had learning French! ^.^

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    Glad you stuck with it. Nobody give up please!

    [deactivated user]

      I also type out every new Spanish sentence I learn on word, before moving on to the next question in a lesson. I find this helps me remember it better.


      Does everyone else have to go thru a lesson 2-4 times to pass it?


      YES, most of the time I have to go through it at least 2 times. During Adverbs it was awful. I have learned not to feel bad when I have to go through a lesson a few times. We all have different situations in life. I am busy with a preschool teaching job, plus a mom of 4 children and an older learner. I have compassion on myself and try to not compare my rate of learning with others. I just don't learn as quickly as I'd like at times, but "Je suis une tortue" with my learning and there is nothing wrong with that.


      Sometimes 5-6-7...! :( Don't give up! :) try...try...try... again and again


      I go through periods where i find it easy and periods where i find it difficult. Right now i am in a difficult period and i am finding it hard to keep the motivation to keep going. I feel i have learnt quite a bit now and i don't wanna throw that away. But the fun isn't there as much unfortunately. I have to keep going!


      I completed the entire German tree, but I still forget a lot!..lol I just need to keep practicing until it becomes second nature..^_^


      Consistency beats intensity every time. It doesn't matter if you work on Duolingo for 5 minutes a day, or 50 minutes a day. But you've gotta do it. Everyday.


      Thanks for the advice

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