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"I am looking for a very good doctor for my child."

Translation:Çocuğum için çok iyi bir doktor arıyorum.

July 10, 2015



"Child my for very good a doctor looking I am," said Yoda. This is amazing, TURKISH LOVE I!


Why is the word "bir" required here?


"iyi bir doktor" = a good doctor

Without the "bir" I think it would tend to be interpreted as "the good doctor".


Wouldn't that be "çok iyi doktoru" in the objective definite case?


In this case you are right, because it is the object of "arıyorum".

But if it's the subject or predicate, then it would of course not get accusative case marking, definite or not.

For example: "O, iyi bir doktor." = He is a good doctor. "O, iyi doktor." = He is the good doctor.

As I understand it, the general rule is that nouns qualified by adjectives tend to be understood as definite unless an explicit "bir" is added, while nouns standing by themselves can be indefinite ("O, kitap okuyorum" = He is reading a book / He is reading books).


That is interesting, if right, because the program consistently allows me to translate sentences like "He is a good doctor" as "O, iyi doktor," while here it will not accept the sentence without "bir," even though there could be no confusion, I think.


I don't think we ever allow answers like ""He is a good doctor = O iyi doktor" (if you have an example please tell me because it is wrong, and I need to edit it and warn the contributor who added it). If there is an adjective, you cannot omit "bir". However for "he is a doctor", it is more natural to say "o doktor", but "o bir doktor" is accepted.


I am sure it must just have been my faulty memory of this having been accepted that has kept me confused about this. If I do see it, I will note it, but hopefully, I can now remember the rule.


Interesting! I would have translated that as "O, iyi bir doktor" based on my understanding.


Why can't you reverse the "bir" in this sentence? Bir eski kitap, eski bir kitap. Why not "bir çok iyi doktor"?


It is just the way that word order works. If you were to put the "bir" in the front, it would really be stressing the number and would no longer mean "a/an." It would then be closer to "one."


why is cocoguma wrong?


I answered it " Çocuğum için çok iyi bir doktor arıyorum." at the first time. but the system said. you answered wrong.


That's the preferred answer now, so you should report it, if it happens again.

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