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  5. "Мистецтво вільне!"

"Мистецтво вільне!"

Translation:Art is free!

July 10, 2015


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I'm guessing that вільний always means "free as in speech", not "free as in beer", right?


Yes, it only means free in its literal meaning, not in its secondary meaning "does not cost anything".


How is this to be understood? The translation "free art" is incorrect.


Adjective usually goes before noun and predicate goes after. So if the word order isn't purposely inverted, Мистецтво вільне! = Мистецтво є вільне! = Art is free!. And as the sentence consists of just two words nobody would think that there's an inversion, I guess


Then would someone say Мистецтво вільне! to mean that "this piece of art cost nothing" (безплатне) or something like "creating art is liberating" (визволяє)?

Or am I being too analytical? lol


It's something like in this Wassily Kandinsky quote: "There is no must in art because art is free." :)

Мистецтво doesn't really mean "piece of art". That's rather "витвір мистецтва"

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