"Heb ik dat goed gezegd?"

Translation:Did I say that correctly?

3 years ago


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This one may need to be memorized for my frequent use ...

3 years ago

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Wat is een ander woord voor "correctly"?

3 years ago


I translated it as "have I said that well?" And it's marked correct. Yet I think there's a difference between what I answered and what is suggested as another translation... Can anybody explain this?

3 years ago


while the two english sentences mean different things, the dutch sentence can mean both of them.

8 months ago


"did i say that correctly" has tge same meaning to me...

2 years ago


"Well said" and "correctly said" have different meanings

1 year ago


I still don't know when you have "d" at the and when it's just "t"...

1 year ago


Remember "soft ketchup" = 't' (SoFT KeTChuP

If the stem of the verb ends in: (S / F / T / K / Ch / P ) you add "t" otherwise you add "d"

Verb /Stem / Past participle

Maken / Maak / Gemaakt

Spelen / Speel / Gespeeld

Exceptions are strong verbs and irregular verbs. :)

11 months ago


If I remember correctly, it is explained in the introduction to this section when viewed on the web page, not the mobile app.

1 year ago


When the base of the verb end with any of this letters "SOFT KETCHUP" it ends with a "t". If there is none of this letters ends with a "d". Ex: WERKEN =>WER(K) => GEWERKT Ex: BETALEN => BETA(L) => GEBETAALD

10 months ago
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