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"Die Leute freuen sich darüber."

Translation:The people are happy about it.

October 13, 2013



Is there a reason why, "the people are pleased about it" should not be accepted?


Pleased is not quite right i think. It is not emotional enough. Freue sich is more like "are joyous/extatic about". For example when the Berlin wall fell it would be pretty strange to say "the people were pleased about it" but Freuen sich works in that situation.


FYI Duo does not accept "joyous" :-(


I agree, I think they've missed this valid translation


I'm not a native English speaker...

Does one get "pleased about something", or "pleased with something", or both forms are allowed?


Both are valid. Just a subtle difference ("about" often referring to something that has happened, and "with" often to an object), but in most situations could be used interchangeably.


I'm pleased about that, I'm pleased about your success, I'm pleased about what has happened, I'm pleased about moving house

I'm pleased with you, I'm pleased with your work, I'm pleased with the result

It looks like 'with' might be more common with 'static' objects and 'about' seems more common when referring to more complicated 'events'. I'm sure there's a better grammatical explanation out there!


Wondering this myself. Most probably should be accepted.


Reported on 30-Jan-'15. Still not accepted.


STILL not accepted. 12-Mar-'15.


"The people are looking forward to it" is rejected; how would I know when "freuen" means "looking forward" and when it means "happy"/"glad"?


The difference is in "darüber" / "darauf".

Die Leute freuen sich darüber = The people are happy about it.

Die Leute freuen sich darauf = The people are looking forward to it.


Looking forward to something = sich AUF etwas freuen.

Being happy about something = sich über etwas freuen.

So if the sentence were: "Die Leute freuen sich darauf", it would mean "The people look forward to it". Otherwise it means they are currently happy about something.

[edit: Too slow :D]


Perhaps "too slow", but yours was more general. Thanks.


Why is "The people are happy with it" marked as incorrect? Seems good to me.


I'm almost sure 'They are happy for that/it' should be accepted.


I'm almost sure it should not be accepted because it's not good English.


Hmmm, may be regional then...

Out here we are very used to saying "I'm/She's/They're happy for you/him/that/it'.

Thanks for your comment, though.


Ditto. Native English speaker here, and if someone told me they were happy "about" it, I'd pause and wait for them to correct themselves. Happy "for" something is much more natural.


I will use "about" with a situation, "with" for a product review, and "for" to express empathy with a human.

  • The deadline was just extended and I'm really happy about that.
  • Jeremy just got a new job and I'm super happy for him!
  • My new frying pan just arrived in the mail and I'm happy with it!


So, one must go searching for answers. Nowhere in the learning process of this language have I come across "freuen sich" until now. I thought "glucklich" meant happy. So why not "Die Leute sind glucklich daruber?"

Will I ever "get it?"


Freuen sich = "looking forward to something and starting to be happy already" like when somebody is inviting you to a party. "Ich freue mich" is a possible answer you give after the invitation.


I have previously learned that sich freuen means to look forward (to something) Yet here it's incorrect.


I believe that freuen sich darauf means to look forward to something and freuen sich darüber means to be happy about something.


Why is there no 'are' or 'is' word here, (the people ARE happy) like sind, seid, bist, or ist?


sich (über etwas) freuen by itself is a verb which means "to be happy (about something)" -- you could compare it to "rejoice" which is also a verb expressing a similar meaning.


The corrected answer I got was, "The people cheered about that." The online Reverso dictionary shows numerous examples about how to use "freuen" and cheering NEVER appears.


What had you typed to get that correction?

The best translation is "The people are happy about that" (or "...about it").


That’s a bizarre translation by Duolingo, unless they mean cheering metaphorically!


Could darüber be "because of that"?


still not accepted, April 14


"The people are enjoyed about it"??

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