"Ní raibh an phian chliabhraigh seo aici roimhe seo."

Translation:She never had this chest pain before this.

July 10, 2015

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Would that "she did not have this chest pain before this" be wrong? Were is "never?"


Same question here. I would think “Ní raibh an phian chliabhraigh seo aici riamh roimhe seo” would signify ever/never.


My thoughts exactly. Ah, but it's free and we already knew that it's probably an oversight since they already had typed in raibh and roimhe.


This is an ugly sentence construction!


Never seems incorrect


"Ní raibh an phian chliabhraigh seo aici roimhe seo."

I think "chliabhraigh" is genitive, so why is the first "an" there? Is it simply because of the "seo"? Or is this some kind of genitive adjective?

I thought a genitive construction obviated the need for an initial definite article? Although, I suppose I would have expected something more like, "pian an chliabhraigh"... Is there more to this type of construction?


Would it not be more usual to use uirthi instead of aici?


Im just curios about the pronunciation of raibh. Bear in mind I haven't studied Irish since 1985. It the word ever pronounced rev.


Yes, it is pronounced "rev" in Munster Irish. It is usually "rev" in schools outside the Gaeltacht.

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