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"Ferger er billige i forhold til bruer."

Translation:Ferries are inexpensive compared to bridges.

July 10, 2015



is the word to word translation acceptable in English? " Ferries are cheap in relation to bridges."


You have to be careful using "cheap" in English. Many people use the word in reference to product quality. "Cheap" is used when quality is considered low or inferior. People say, "Russian cars are cheap compared to German cars," and "Chinese golf clubs are cheap compared to American made golf clubs." In each of those sentences the speaker means the quality is inferior. (Often the price as well as the quality is lower but it isn't prices that are being compared.)

Notwithstanding the fact that "cheap" and "inexpensive" were previously not synonyms, many people, most particularly Americans, now use them interchangeably and rely upon phrases such as "poorly made" when they are referring to quality rather than to price. But, not all English speakers are Americans.


To build? Or do you have really high tolls there?


To build would be my assumption, though the sentence could hold either meaning.

We do have quite high tolls, but travelling by ferry does not save you from them.


Yes, I noticed that when for my moving to Bergen I took the coastal route from Kristiansand to Bergen. The van was 6.03 m, meaning I should have paid more than double compared to a < 6 m vehicle, though for most of the ferries I got lucky and paid the lower tariff.

General tip for people who move to Bergen from the Netherlands or nearby: consider using a moving company to do it for you. They can be expensive, but the cost of driving your belongings yourself to and through Norway can be just as expensive. Also note that at least in Germany the police prefer you not to overload your car by 1100 kg (I was indeed surprised by the number after they weighed my car)!


What happens if you have an overloaded car in Germany?


What exactly does this sentence mean?


It means that building a ferry costs less than building a bridge.


I forhold med means what exactly?


"I forhold til" means "in comparison to" / "in relation to"


Keep in mind that according to lexin dictionary, "bruer" is nynorsk variant


"Bruer" and "broer" are both Bokmål words, and spelling variants of each other. In Nynorsk, "bruer" is your only option.

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Is there a way for duolingo to accept both? For this exercise in the "type what you hear" form I entered broer and it corrected it to bruer, but in other exercises I entered bruer and it corrected it to broer.


There's a way for Duolingo to accept both, but not for me to accept both. It requires staff action and is a luxury currently only afforded to the French course(s).

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Jeg beklage. I submitted a bug report/feature request to have this capability added to the Norwegian course since it looks like you have noted the bruer/broer spelling variants in at least three separate comments already.


They are pronounced differently, right? I think the audio here is clearly "bruer", not "broer".


She's clearly saying "bruer" here, yes.

However, things aren't exactly straightforward when it comes to mapping Norwegian pronunciation to either of the written standards, as there is no standard pronunciation. People will generally pronounce what they read in a way that corresponds to their own dialect, so I would say "broer" even if I'm reading "bruer", and others again would do the opposite.


Thanks for the explanation!


Bare hyggelig!

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