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Lingots for timed practice?

A lingot is given for finishing a lesson or an untimed practice session with full hearts, but you don't get a lingot for a timed practice session finished without mistakes. Why not give a lingot for a perfect timed practice session?

October 13, 2013



Don't you get already one point per correct answer? That is already double the timeless variant.


Of course, but I meant lingots, not points. Before lingots were introduced, you got a maximum of 13 points for untimed practice and a maximum of 20 for timed practice. Then they added a lingot for a perfect untimed practice, but no lingot for a perfect timed practice. Why not?

Just a suggestion, though :-)


i have tons of lingots but there's nothing interesting to buy


I always do the timed practice and never the timeless one, so I'd love to have this implemented.


Yes, especially since finishing a timed practice without making any mistakes is way more difficult than finishing a regular lesson without mistakes.


It would be great motivation. It would be either a lingot for 20/20 or a lingot for every 30 seconds saved at the finish.


I'd vote for 20/20. After all, this is not a typing competition, and giving correct answers is more important than typing them quickly.


it's totally right, you won. and writing from mobile app is slow.


I totally agree. At higher levels it's especially difficult to type in the answer within the time given since the sentences/phrases become longer and more complicated.


Love this idea!


Over the last few days, I have not received any points when I finish a practice session on Duolingo. I have even lost my streak even though I am working every day beyond my daily goal. I have also stopped getting any points for doing practice sessions on Tiny Cards. What has happened?

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