"A tail is not a horn."

Translation:Een staart is geen hoorn.

3 years ago



Why is 'een staart is niet een hoorn' not correct?

2 years ago


I have the same question.....

1 year ago


Can someone answer this question?

3 months ago


Marco: It is well explained in the link given by bwabskin: "Geen wordt gebruikt voor onbepaalde zelfstandige naamwoorden. (met het onbepaald lidwoord 'een' of zonder lidwoord)." In this case ".....not a horn" therefore needs to be translated as "....geen horing" as the article for both "horn" and "horing" is indefinite ("onbepaald"). (Think of "geen" as translating to "not a").

I am also learning German currently and because of that now know much better when to use "geen" or "niet" as here Dutch is identical to German "kein" and "nicht". My own language (Afrikaans, derived from Dutch) also use "geen" (or "g'n") and "nie" though seemingly more freely interchangeable than in Dutch and German, which is why I was initially also looking for an explanation.

3 months ago
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