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  5. "Yıldızlar genelde sarıdır."

"Yıldızlar genelde sarıdır."

Translation:The stars are usually yellow.

July 10, 2015



What's wrong with the stars usually are yellow?


I do not think it is bad English. I think there is nothing wrong with it. :)


It's a matter of what point you're trying to emphasize: In American english, "the stars usually are yellow" would imply that most of the stars are yellow (which is bad physics, but I am way beyond that with duo's nonsense). And "the stars are usually yellow" would imply that the stars are yellow most of the time, but on this occasion for some reason they are not. The former would be more common, but either would work.


Ne zamandan beri yızldızlar sarı olmuş? Temiz havalı bir yerde yaşamıyorsunuz galiba


I'm still confused about "-dir". Is there anything unusual about "genelde... -dır"? I was starting to wonder whether "-dir" suggested "by definition", "without exception", or similar.


-DIr is for strong assumptions (like you heard a meow outside...you can strongly assume it is a cat) and for encyclopedic facts (like about....well, stars being yellow isn't always true in an encyclopedic sense, but you get the point :D )


In that case, it sounds like sentences convey more certainty with -DIr than without it. Is that correct? Is that all there is to it, or are there sentences that would be incorrect without it? (Definitions?)


Yes, for example "Blood is red." must have it. "Kan kırmızıdır." Without it, it just seems like you are referring to the shade of red "blood red." :) There are many more.


"Yıldızlar genelde sarıdır." Translation: The stars are usually yellow.

A verse from a beautiful song by Uriah Heep - "Wizard."

"And I will dream of my magic night." "And the million silver stars that guide me with their light."

So boring as stars are silver not yellow.


The stars usually are yellow, was not accepted. It should have been.


Why "the stars usually are yellow" is not accepted?


There is nothing wrong with the word order in "The stars usually are yellow". Would you please accept it. (But stars in the real world (or rather sky) are never yellow)


Stars are never yellow

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