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  5. "Lia hejmo estas granda."

"Lia hejmo estas granda."

Translation:His home is large.

July 10, 2015



I know that in English it makes sense to talk about the abstract "home" when referring to a house in order to be polite "your home is big", however this sentence does not seem to make sense to me in Esperanto. Wouldn't the more correct approach be to say "Lia domo estas granda.", as one is referring to the concrete house that he has rather than his abstract notion of home.

It just seems as if this is more an Anglicisation rather than an idiomatic way to express this concept.


Does the word hejmo come from the German word Heim?


Yes, I think so.


What is the difference between hejmo and domo? Is domo reserved for physical residential structures, leaving hejmo to be more abstract (eg, hejmo is where the heart is)?


Hmm, maybe... A good explanation

But however domo is a house; and hejmo is home!


domo = house, hejmo = home


Your Domo is in your street, but Hejmo is where your heart is!

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