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  5. "Ça alors ! Comment ça va ?"

"Ça alors ! Comment ça va ?"

Translation:Wow! How are you ?

December 29, 2012



Who on earth says, "Wow! How are you?"


They gave me this answer: "jeez! How are you?"


Yeah me too, what the ...?


Same. I didnt even think jeez was an actual word. Kind of like saying "doh"!


They gave me " Geez, how are you!" Quote on quote


You're in a market debating which variety of apples to buy. Picking up and inspecting a red apple in each hand, your mind suddenly drifts to the fond times you had in the great ville de Paris. It's as if you're smelling still the delicate nuances of Parisian croissant, again tasting the hidden textures of Aurélien's café au lait. Suddenly, you hear someone shouting your name. "Peachacid!" You turn around and are completely bewildered to see Aurélien in your nowhere neck of the woods. In a thick parisian accent he says, "Ça alors ! Comment ça va?"


I like how the market sells red apples, not a Duolingo.. black one.


You, sir, have earned your lingot hahahahaha


So true! Who eats a black apple???


jajajajajaaj... and I hope it was before 5 pm, cuz in Paris the market is closed soooo early!


Laugh in spanish?


Ha ha, that's funny.


Or a Duolingo red duck


That is a brilliant example!


There's an Einstein right here! :p


brilliant! that's very moving.I just can't wait to listen to the example sentence one more time to experience the strong feeling of reuniting with Aurélien after a long separation


Perfect explanation/example, LeGavin. Thanks. :)


I really appreciate you explanation! It put the somewhat weird sentence into context. Thanks.


that was incredible


You have a gift for storytelling


Pure genius! You deserve a lingot!


I really didn't get this! it told me "Jeez! How are you"


All the different ways of using 'ça' are getting a little confusing


I know what you mean. French is a hard language to learn, but I know I can do it if I work hard enough.


Where did this person go I wonder.


...He couldn't do it. The difficulty of the language overcame his admirable work ethic.


In class our teacher primarily used "alors" as "okay, let's move on...".


my teacher prefers "bon"... like "good, moving on.."


Ça alors. This question sure got me!


I said "Well then. How are you?", but it should have been "Well now. How are you?" It's a bit of a weird sentence without a context or mood.


I looked at the word (because I hadn't seen it before) by moving my mouse over it and it said it meant well! How stupid!


I've reported this, because where I live in Ireland, "Well" is commonly used as an exclamation - like the example above - well, who would have thought I'd meet you here... So really it should be accepted (especially as the hover hint suggested it!!!)


I did the same but they said I am wrong. can anyone tell me why?


I took French for seven and a half years -- high school and college -- and never once heard or read anyone say/write "ça alors."


I found 4 and half million hits for ça alors on google.


Ça alors! C'est beaucoup de frappe.


Ça alors, means 'wow' eh? Merde.


Why is "Well then! How are you?" not an accepted answer?


who says "jeez"?


When does "ca" mean "that"? Does it ever?


for example.. je n'aime pas ça -> I don't like that.


Comme çi, comme ça. Like this, like that. (Wy spelling may well be incorrect)


Your spelling is correct except for one thing: you don't need a cedilla (¸) under the C in "ci" because C is already soft before I, E, and Y. You need it before A because C is normally hard before that letter.


I typed the sentence: "Wow! Are you okay?" and it accepted my answer. Can you truly use this phrase like that, and make sense? For instance: If your friend fell off of his bike, would you say these words? Just curious. :)

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I have lived in both North America and the South Pacific; my answer is: Yes, it would be a normal response to show concern for your friend (as in, asking, if he is hurt). Also, depending on the circumstances of the fall the wow may refer to a spectacular fail at some stunt which may have injured your friend, in which case the wow could be an exclamation of admiration/appreciation/awe (you might have to be a fan of stunt riding to understand this one). Or, if the fall was caused by an unexpected collision (for example, someone is riding past the driveway and your friend is leaving the driveway and they collide) the wow could be used as an exclamation of surprise at the unexpected occurrence; said by you, your friend or the other person. Here, wow would represent only an exclamation of surprise. In my adapted scenario, either your friend or the other person would likely be upset or shocked by the accident and rather than saying, "Wow! are you okay? one of them might use an exclamation or an expletive of complaint or annoyance. Jeez, which is another option would work better here (An example of the given scenario minus the concern for whether or not the person being addressed was hurt would be, "jeez, you need to watch where you are going loser!" in which case the speaker is expressing anger/annoyance towards the other person).

Jeez may not be as widely used or understood as wow. Wow would rate as a polite exclamation where jeez (a type of slang derived from expletive use of "Jesus" - another form being "jeez-us") would most frequently be an expletive type of exclamation. Where wow and jeez (or jeez-us) can differ the most is that wow can only really have a negative use, if and when, spoken with sarcasm ("wow, aren't you smart," meaning I am not impressed by whatever you just said or did) some people consider jeez to be simply an exclamation rather than an expletive which is why it can be more versatile in its use than wow. An example where jeez would normally be more appropriate than wow to express the intended meaning would be where you do not want to do something, "jeez, I do not want to die like that," (having seen a car plummet from a cliff, burst into a ball of fire and smash into jagged rocks at the bottom). Here the use of wow tends more towards a meaning of awe (wow, what a way to go/die)

As in all things, interpretation and appropriateness of use is more to do with the age of the person and the regional locations they are used in, than the words themselves. In the case of your example what you would be expressing to your friend is acknowledgement of the accident and that you are concerned for his/her wellbeing. Using different words so that you might have comparison for interpretation of meaning, you could have said, "hey/yo dude (used here for, "my male friend" especially in North America), I saw what happened, are you okay/hurt?

Wow! What a long explanation. Geez I hope this helps or I just wasted a bunch of my time :)




How on earth could I know that "Ça alors" means something like that ? :O Duolingo translated it to me as "well"...I would never come up with that." jeez!"


I'm with " wow what do you mean" when Aurelien telling me there's someone else ;)


How does Comment work? Ça va means how are you. So does Coment ça va mean the same thing?


Ça va is a contraction of comment ça va.


Not quite. "Ça va ?" is frequently used to mean "OK?" and in most contexts means something like "It's going OK?" rather than "How is it going?" or "How are you?" and is responded to with "Oui !" or an affirmative "Ça va."


But what the means of comment ça va? Actually i can't reach it.


Literally, "how's it going?", which means just what it would in English. "Ça va?" Is just a colloquial way of saying it, which doesn't work if you translate it literally ("Is it going?")


who the frick would say: jeez, how are you?


It said i was wrong because i put well (which the translation said it was) instead of jeez


I put "Well then, how are you?" and it marked me wrong, when it said the correct answer was "well now" that is the same thing!


Report it. It seems that half the people who come across this sentence use "well then," including myself, but it still hasn't been accepted!


Since Duolingo accepts it, I'm assuming you aren't suggesting it should be accepted, and just aren't familiar with the word. It's a British interjection, short for "gor blimey!" which in turn comes from "God blind me!" It has long since lost that connotation, however.


I hadn't learned "wow" before this sentence woops


Neither have I, and I was doing this in a review.


"Yikes! How are you?" ..whaaaaaeh??


Americans don't say blimey, not in our vocabulary. "Oh my" is actually correct


I wrote: Wow! what do you mean? - this is one of the given options, but I didn't know that they give us wrong explanations.


I did too. Seems to make the most sense. And "what do you mean" is one of the given translations. So what gives?


What the heck ? Since when does one started saying 'wow!how do you do ? ' i wrote 'wow! What do you mean ?' And it was labelled wrong.


I attempted rhis mulriple times, and ir kept saying "you typed in English, not French." Has anybody else experianced this?


my teacher taught me ca alors means that sucks. now Im ver very confused


Woah i thought i heard "salut" but it was "ça alors"


I've never heard anyone use "ça" and "alors" in the same sentence


"well how are you " anybody...?


The translation says Well! instead of Jeez! or Wow!


I am not an American. How can know " wow " ?


Comment ca va is not How are you. It's more like How's it going? or (as young people might say in English slang) What's up? To ask a person how he/she is, the question should be Comment vas-tu? or Comment allez-vous?


It is used to mean "how are you."

Comment ça va ? = How is it going?

Comment vas-tu/allez-vous ? = How are you going?

The latter could be taken to mean what the English sentence does, namely, "how are you getting to where you are going." "Comment ça va ?" (casually "Ça va?" or "Ça va bien ?") is more common, because there is no ambiguity.


But we are all wrong, ca alors means Jeez! Duolingo says so!


The translation says "well" and not "wow". I lost one lingot because of it


Mine said "Jeez! How are you?". But when clicked on "Ça alors!" It said "well, then.." How on earth am i supposed to know "jeez"?!?!


i would never say wow or jeez


I was lied to... It said "well" not "Jeez"...


You can also say "Well, how are you doing!"


Can't you just say "well then"? I don't like french :/


If you hover over it , it says the translation is well.


It corrected me to "Well now! How are you doing".. why would you start with "Well now!" ?


Recommended translation says "Jeez! How are you?" ❤❤❤?


Like seriously why give false statements, when your going to end up marking it wrong...


Wow, I don't recall learning 'WOW'.


Again, another test where we havent been taught any of the words and given no explanation or reasoning behind the sentence structure. I'm forced to look at the answer and basically memorize rather than learn why the sentence is the way it is. Im passing but dont feel like im learning anything in this Phrases course.


well dont put "well" i come from south san ;*


Having lived in Brittany for nearly 3 years, I have yet to hear a French person say 'wow or jeez how are you?!!!!' Everyone we meet says 'Ca va'. Bizarre.


I put, "Whoa, How are you? " what the heck!?


I think that here must stay "Well" do not jeez!


Im confused is it wow or jeez. I got jeez


how does "Ca alors" in the question translate to "Woah!"? besides the help provided in the tutorial speaks of words like "Jeez" and "Yikes" Isn't that a bit misleading? And also is this just a generic expression? Or does it apply to specific cases only?


yay, duolingo finally accepts Blimey


What's Jeez, as shown while checking the answer? My response was, Well, how are you?, but it showed as incorrect.


What's jeez, as shown in answer. My response was, Well, how are you? But it showed it as incorrect... Guide me in this concern, SVP!!!


"Jeez" is a short form of "Jesus" and is considered less disrespectful than using Jesus' name when expressing frustration/anger/surprise by many Christians. I would say that "jeez" is most commonly used to express annoyance, so it seems very strange to have it in this sentence.


Is "jeez" even a real word?


It's as much of a word as "wow." It's slang, but a word nonetheless.


How does it say "Jeez!" ? D:


Lmao...I love the story at the top. Any one wanna take a gander at 'jeez! How are you?' I imagine a situation where I've probably been chasing this particular person up and down the streets of Paris, finally catch up to them and... 'Ca alors!! Comment ça va?!'


How am I supposed to spell a word or sentence in French if I haven't learned the word or sentence yet. There are flaws in this program.


BLIMEY, how are ya, m8? xD


when you need to peek at it, it says well not wow!!!!!!!!!!!! or jeez!!!!!! so mad!


How in the world does it mean jeez??!?!? Ugh


"Blimey, how are you?" I don't see myself ever using "BLIMEY"


Are you British? :P

Just because you wouldn't use it doesn't mean that no English speaker would.


How is "Well then! How are you?" not a proper and accepted translation?


When we use "ça va"?


What's the difference between ça alors and zût alors?


Ca alors wasn't covered prior to being brought up.. Kind of hard to know that


Ca alors! Mine translated it as "Blimey"??!! Holy colloquialisms Batman!


"Ça alors !" is an exclamation of surprise and depending on the context and whether it is a good surprise or a bad one, it can be translated differently in English. "Wow" would be a good surprise, "jeez" not so good. One translation that could work in either case is "OMG!" Where the tone of voice would show the difference. The same is true with "ça alors" thé tone of voice and intonation indicates whether it is good or bad. Unfortunately a computer voice doesn't help :( In the context where "ça alors" is followed by "comment ça va ?" it very likely is expressing surprise at coming across a friend and then asking how he/she is.


I love the translation, "Blimey!" it'll be so great to say, "Ça alors !" to my French/English teacher!


Blimey? What the heck is that?


From an above response of mine: "It's a British interjection, short for "gor blimey!" which in turn comes from "God blind me!" It has long since lost that connotation, however."


Thanks! I didn't know what it meant because I wasn't British, but now I know! Thanks again! :)


My partner does quite often. I don't as it was considered too rude in my family. I tried using "good grief" but it was rejected, DL clearly not Snoopy fans...


Recently revisited these early lessons. In over a year of using Duolingo I have never seen "Ça alors"... and could not for the life of me work out its meaning with all my Duo training. Perhaps it should be moved to the idioms section ... just saying ... !


Too many words in English match 'ca alors'. I put 'golly' which was marked wrong. You could put in Jeez, Crikey, ❤❤❤!

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