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Fifty days of Norwegian: I have finished my tree!

Hello everyone! Today I have some exciting news. Fifty days ago, the Norwegian course was released into beta. Fifty days ago, I started my Norwegian tree. Fifty days later, the Norwegian course is still in beta. Fifty days later, I have finished my tree fully gold!

Here is the moment when I finished the tree: ! [ ] (https://imgur.com/nbHgIst,RHcBDEn#0)

<h1>My take on the course:</h1>

I did not find the Norwegian course difficult at anytime during the tree. I had no prior knowledge of any Scandinavian language. I found myself going at a nice pace down the tree. Most of the lessons had useful grammar tips and helpful notes, which helped solve any problem I had. There were no speaking exercises, but any Duolingo course has a bigger emphasis on reading and writing. The lessons were fun and many of the sentences made me laugh. The Norwegian team really did make a fantastic course, and I cannot praise them enough!

<h1>So what have I learned from this course?</h1>

I am far from fluent, but the course has given me a brilliant start to learn Norwegian. It has taught me many of the most common words used in daily life. I can understand about 1/3 of what is being said in books, movies, music etc. I am going to start using other resources to expand my knowledge and help improve my Norwegian. I found that out of the four skills(Reading, writing, listening, speaking), Reading was my best skill, then writing, then listening and finally speaking.

<h1>What is next for me?</h1>

I will continue to use Duolingo to practice what I have learned, but I will start looking for more resources to improve my vocabulary and comprehension of Norwegian. I will also keep going until I get to level 25! I will start to do my German tree again, and hopefully finish it in two months. I was going to try Esperanto? Do you think I should? I was going to wait, but I can't wait! Despite me learning other languages, my main focus will still be on Norwegian. I will be able to devote lots of time to helping people on the forums who are struggling with their Norwegian tree.


I would like to give a HUGE THANK YOU to the Norwegian team. Aleksander, Andreas, Linn, Leon and Luke. You did a fantastic job, well done!

Thank you for this amazing experience! I will post a review of the course later.

July 10, 2015



Gratulerer, Alec! :)

You've been an active part of our little Norwegian community here, and I'm glad to see that you've decided to stick around even as you move on to outside resources and devote time to other languages.

Thank you for your kind words as well, they mean a lot to us!


My main priority is still Norwegian:)


Gratulerer så mye! :) Good luck with Norwegian in the future, as well as any other languages you take on!


Thanks:) If you are ever stuck with any part of the Norwegian course, just let me know!


Hallo Alec! De hjerteligste gratulasjoner fra en Nordmann som har bodd over 60 år i utlandet! Og tusen takk til hele DuoLingo-Gruppen som har så mye arbeid med oss! Hva skjer når beta-versjonen blir definitiv???


Congratulations! :)


Thank you:) If you ever need help with your Norwegian, just ask me!


Congratulations Alec!


Thank you:) Are you close to finishing your tree?


Congatulations! These stories are always so inspiring! I've started my Norwegian tree a couple of days ago too. You're my inspiration! :)


Tusen takk! If you ever need any help, just ask me:)

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