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  5. "I want to have my dinner."

"I want to have my dinner."

Translation:Mi volas havi mian vespermanĝon.

July 10, 2015


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Does this mean that Esperanto can use the same idiom that English does, that "to have food" means "to eat food"? Or does this sentence simply mean "I want a plate of food to be in my possession"?


The second seems more right to me. If I were to say that I wanted to eat dinner, I'd simply say "Mi volas vespermanĝi."

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Dankon. :)


Dear Rae.F: This remark is very intelligent! "mi volas havi mian vespermanĝon" means only I want to possess to get, but not to eat --> of course if I want to have it this is normally with the goal to eat it ... but strictly it means "I want to possess" this is also a meaning of to have. Of course, if you say that in English the idea is "I want to eat my dinner" ... This just shows that translation is the most difficult aspect of language and this is the main problem of the Duolingo-method.

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