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Esperanto for Android is here!

Check your PlayStore, Esperanto for Android is finally out. However, it is still not available to everyone, but maybe you're one of the lucky ones.

A special thanks to Jennifer Davies, for telling everyone on the Facebook group about it.

July 10, 2015



Jessssssssssss!!! Finfine!

Kvankam, mi ne estas bonsancxa...


Dankon pro la informoj!

Mi nune uzas Duolingo-aplikaĵon en mia poŝtelefono (iPhone), kaj ĝi funkcias tre bone. Eble mi en la estonteco uzos ĝin ankaŭ en mia tabulkomputilo (Nexus 7). — Dankon!

Parenteze, la bona klavaro por Android estas MessagEase-klavaro, en kiun vi povas elŝuti Esperanto-klavaron. Per Esperanto-klavaro vi povas tajpi ankaŭ en la angla, ĉar en ĝi ekzistas literoj Q, W, X kaj Y. — Ĉio estas sur 9 klavoj!

Vortoj (Words): nune (at present, now), uzi (to use), aplikaĵo (application), estonteco (future), tabulkomputilo (tablet computer), parenteze (by the way), klavo (key on a keyboard), klavaro (keyboard), tajpi (to type), ekzisti (to exist), litero (letter of the alphabet).


Dankon, but I'm not that lucky :( Any idea when it will be available for everyone?


I don't have it, unfortunately, but I hope it becomes available to everyone soon.


Unfortunately, I'm not so lucky. Dang, I hope it comes out soon. I'm becoming anxious.


I got lucky! Now if only they could get Ukrainian out …


Hooray! My Duolingo app updated and now the Esperanto app is available. Excellent.


I'm not so lucky either, both on my Nook and phone, but I still have 2 1/2 trees to finish so hopefully before then I'll have it.


Strike that, my Nook just got it after I reloaded the app.


Thanks, I'm one of the lucky guy.


I think you have to download the update


How can I get an Esperanto keyboard for Samsung Galaxy 3? My phone is missing the special Esperanto letters.


I just installed Esperanto language as an additional input language in a Motorola Moto G. Then a little world button appears in your keyboard to switch between languages: Esperanto keyboard



I downloaded a keyboard app for Hebrew (which also has an English keyboard of course.) If I press and hold down the U letter, I get other special letters like: ü ŭ ű, for example. I'm not sure if you can do that with a standard keyboard but I think most Keyboard apps have these special letters.


See my message in this thread (so MessagEase keyboard)
(or install Google Keyboard at Google Play?).


anysoftkeyboard has excellent esperanto extension with dictionaries (and many other languages). Also is gratis-free.


And finally I can start learning. Unfortunately it is not possible to use the website on my android tablet or phone and I am lazy to do the learning behind the desktop.

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