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A little bit of an Irish corner for beginners (like me)

This is really just a sort of area I wanted to set up where beginners can brag about their achievements and seek help from higher beginners... or more powerful deities just popping in for a little tea and cake. Whatever it is you want to do here, just make sure you do it well! +Bonus smileys to you if you post in Irish and 5 different people comment on your post.

P.S. Smileys are pointless but fun. I literally made them up.

P.P.S. If you're wondering where the bit about the powerful deities went, I decided it was a bit unfair for the people who aren't powerful deities but should be.

July 10, 2015



like many learners, I have found pronunciation to be the biggest hill to climb (and without pronunciation, it has been hard to learn vocab, and without vocab...). the thing I thought was funny/frustrating is that one of the first phrases you learn, dia duit (or daoibh), is pronounced soooo many different ways.


Yes! I really wish I could speak to a native speaker and really get a feel for these words.


Leann na Lachan an nuachtaun! Finding Irish extremely difficult haha, but strangely enjoyable. Should be a bit easier to remember words once I figure out how on earth they are meant to be pronounced, haha.


I found http://www.standingstones.com/gaelpron.html to be absolutely incredible to pronunciation. Just keep practising and you'll get it!


Hmm... as far as I can tell, that sentence says the somethings read the newspaper(s)?? Any help?


I feel extraordinarily pleased, because I set this up, and sooooo many people are commenting now. Well, at least it's a lot in my opinion.


Pleased to have this site and forum to explore the Irish language. Been working on it for years, but hard to learn on my own!


I am not exactly an expert on Irish (yet) in case you were wondering. Running total is I'm only a LVL6 on Ireland 1.


Haven't been on for months and my homepage is screaming at me to re-learn literally every 'module', even Basics 1.


This is great, because I am having a terrible go at learning Irish! I can never manage to remember pronunciation, and I'm terrible at deciphering grammar rules, they just don't stick in my brain so this should be nice to have! :D


I don't remember all of them, but easy ones are tae=tea, pasta=pasta dinnéar=dinner and bricfeasta=breakfast. Oh, and cat=cat.

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