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  5. "O casamento não é legal."

"O casamento não é legal."

Translation:The marriage is not legal.

October 13, 2013



We could change the translation to "O casamento é ilegal", in case we are using the legal jargon. If you are dealing with the "cool/nice" translation, then this translation is correct. It depends on the context.


When Portuguese say somebody's joke is "not legal", they really mean it lol !


In pt-pt "legal" means just "legal" as in law. In pt-br it could mean "nice"/"cool". You need to have context to distinguish. You could also translate as "The mariage is not nice"


Como é legal (nice/cool) em português de portugal?


Uma amiga disse que se pode usar a palavra "fixe": http://www.priberam.pt/dlpo/fixe.


All informal words: "Fixe" is the most used, but also "Porreiro" : http://www.priberam.pt/dlpo/PORREIRO ; and "curtido" : http://www.priberam.pt/dlpo/CURTIDO


That can't be right, I gave Elvis an extra $10 to do the full ceremony and sing "American Trilogy" right to the end.


Why wedding isn't correct?


A wedding is just a ceremony where a marriage is performed. If you think about it, the attendees are often asked whether they know of any reason why the couple can't get married and therefore, in some cases, the wedding is where you learn whether the marriage is not legal.


Yes, but as "legal" in portuguese also means "cool-nice". What i thougt is that the sentence meant that the ceremony wasn't nice.


You are absolutely right about the double meaning of "legal", it just didn't occur to me as it seems such a mean thing to say, but I can't fault your logic.

In my defence you simply asked why wedding wouldn't work and so I thought you meant the sentence "The wedding is not legal" which prompted my (useless) response. :-)


Wedding is now accepted 9/17/2016

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