"Get off after two stops!"

Translation:İki durak sonra in!

July 10, 2015



When do you use the ablative before sonra?

July 10, 2015


If you can't say 'X later' instead of 'after X' use the ablative. The sentence Get off two stops later. is also possible then don't use the ablative.

July 10, 2015


It would be handy if there were something more concrete than trying to reword it in English (surely, the ultimate goal is to think in Turkish).

March 25, 2019


What happens to the verb "get off".

March 9, 2018


inmek = to get off ; in = get off (command)

When we are making a command (in an informal way), we take of the infinitive suffix (-mek /-mak), and use just the verb root. There are a couple more examples in the last part of the Tips and Notes: HERE

October 3, 2018


Why can't it be sonra iki duraklar in

February 15, 2016


The plural ending is only used when the plural isn't already implied (in this case, it's implied by "iki").

Also, "sonra" is a postposition, not a preposition. So, it's "iki durak sonra", not "sonra iki duraklar"

March 25, 2019
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