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" risco de temporal na terça-feira."

Translation:There is risk of thunderstorm on Tuesday.

October 13, 2013



"There is a risk of a storm on Tuesday" or "There is a risk of a thunderstorm on Tuesday" is better

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This is not natural English. I answered 'There is thunderstorm risk on Tuesday' which whilst not ideal, is better than the only accepted answer. Better would have been 'There is a thunderstorm risk on Tuesday' but there was no 'a' tile available. More natural would have been 'There is a risk of a thunderstorm on Tuesday', as others have mentioned. Alternatively, it should have been 'There is (a) risk of thunderstorms on Tuesday'.

Another example of a poorly constructed course question losing me another Health point/life. Very irritating!


Duolingo improves with every person that points out a mistake. Be patient with it, and think instead that you doing a small bit to make the world more multilingual.


Sorry, this not true. It has been seven years since this problem was pointed out and this particular comment was made three years ago. No, the problem is that it was NOT taken care of and probably will not be.


Maybe because it wasn't reported enough?


Actually, there are very few contributors left in this course, who would be able to fix it, and of the ones left listed in PR, almost none of them are active.


Bahahaha. Three years later, and it is not fixed. I wonder what your level of patience is ... it looks pretty good, considering you are 25. Congrats on 25!


A risk of a storm, or A risk of storms


There is a risk of a storm on Tuesday. Accepted 2/16/2021


"trovoada" = thunderstorm; "tempestade" = storm. Correct? Isn't "temporal" an adjective, meaning "temporal", something that doesn't last very long?


Temporal can be an adjective too, but It's not so used, as a noun It means a storm that has hard/strong rain and a lot of wind

We also have "toró"

[deactivated user]

    Yes, "temporal", "tempestade", and "toró" basically mean the same thing!


    I put "the risk", but was marked wrong. there is no article, definite or indefinite that I can see. In English, "there is the risk" and "there is a risk" are basically interchangable. Are there two different ways to say those two things in Portuguese?


    Did the same thing 5 days later. I need an answer to this because I want to report it.


    "the risk" is still marked wrong as of 5/16/17.


    If you think you are correct report it. I report many things sometimes I'm wrong, but then we learn from our mistakes. 2/13/2021 If it is not reported nothing gets done.


    NO NO NO. ... Hey, duo and contributors ... if you need a "basics in English grammar" lesson, I tutor ... just shoot me a message!!!

    The only possible answers are: 1. There is a thunderstorm risk on Tuesday ... 2. There is a risk of thunderstormS on Tuesday ... and finally, 3. There is a risk of A thunderstorm on Tuesday.


    There is A risk of A thunderstorm on Tuesday is the correct translation.


    Poor English transt. Better to say "There is risk of a thunderstorm ....." Or " There is a thunderstorm risk on .... "


    So, there are some contributors in PR. How can I get in touch with them?


    There are no good contributors in this course, sadly. Nothing ever gets fixed, and the ones that often comment here, like Dan, who I was pretty sure was a contributor, don’t really do contributor work enough to make a big impact. But, you can see the list of contributors by going to the contributor page by googling list of contributors Brazilian portugues, and in the about pages somewhere..

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