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" risco de temporal na terça-feira."

Translation:There is risk of thunderstorm on Tuesday.

October 13, 2013



"There is a risk of a storm on Tuesday" or "There is a risk of a thunderstorm on Tuesday" is better


A risk of a storm, or A risk of storms

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This is not natural English. I answered 'There is thunderstorm risk on Tuesday' which whilst not ideal, is better than the only accepted answer. Better would have been 'There is a thunderstorm risk on Tuesday' but there was no 'a' tile available. More natural would have been 'There is a risk of a thunderstorm on Tuesday', as others have mentioned. Alternatively, it should have been 'There is (a) risk of thunderstorms on Tuesday'.

Another example of a poorly constructed course question losing me another Health point/life. Very irritating!


Duolingo improves with every person that points out a mistake. Be patient with it, and think instead that you doing a small bit to make the world more multilingual.


"trovoada" = thunderstorm; "tempestade" = storm. Correct? Isn't "temporal" an adjective, meaning "temporal", something that doesn't last very long?


Temporal can be an adjective too, but It's not so used, as a noun It means a storm that has hard/strong rain and a lot of wind

We also have "toró"


Yes, "temporal", "tempestade", and "toró" basically mean the same thing!


I put "the risk", but was marked wrong. there is no article, definite or indefinite that I can see. In English, "there is the risk" and "there is a risk" are basically interchangable. Are there two different ways to say those two things in Portuguese?


Did the same thing 5 days later. I need an answer to this because I want to report it.


"the risk" is still marked wrong as of 5/16/17.


In addition to the other problems in this sentence that users have pointed out, English speakers would also never say "risk" in this sentence. We'd say "There is a chance of thunderstorms on Tuesday."

The word "risk" doesn't just mean "chance of a bad thing happening." It means "chance of a bad thing happening based on a choice." The likelihood of a thunderstorm is not based on anyone's decision; it's just something that either will or won't happen. But if someone decides to drive through the storm, that person is taking a risk.


"There is a risk of a thunderstorm on Tuesday."

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