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  5. "My wife is trying to sleep."

"My wife is trying to sleep."

Translation:Ma femme essaie de dormir.

December 29, 2012



Could someone explain (or find a link that explains) when to use "de" or "à" or nothing in front of certain infinitives?


Unfortunately, there is no rule for that. Only learning the construction of each verb : transitive or intransitive, which preposition to use.

Elle essaie de dormir Elle envisage de dormir Elle a du mal à dormir Elle arrive à dormir Elle veut / peut / sait dormir


This is helpful. Thanks, Sitesurf.


Is there any rule of thumb to distinguish between chercher à and essayer?


no, I cannot think (right now) of any real difference between the two, in terms of meaning. in terms of construction, this is another story:

  • je cherche à entrer mais la porte ne s'ouvre pas = j'essaie d'entrer mais...


so why isn't translation "Ma femme cherche à dormir" correct?

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