"I did not think you would take the wrong way."

Translation:Eu não pensei que você errasse o caminho.

October 13, 2013

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Is there a reason why "Eu não ACHEI que você errasse o caminho." should not be accepted? I thought it was more or less the same as "Eu não PENSEI que você errasse o caminho."


as a portuguese speaker I think that the answer "Eu não achei que você escolheria o caminho errado" should be accepted.


This one still doesn't accept 'tu errasses'


I just came here to say that. It seems that in a lot of cases the European Portugese is not accepted as a correct anwser.


Acydneon, that is probably because Duolingo is marketed as a Brazilan Portuguese course. I would not be doning this course if it was European Portugese, as my Daughter-in-Law is Brazilian, and I want to learn her language.


Would you use this expression for "I did not think you would take IT the wrong way"? As in "I didn't expect you to interpret what I said in that way...."


Can someone explain why "Eu não pensei que você erraria o caminho" is incorrect?


Accepted: "Eu não pensei que você pegasse o caminho errado"

Was this accepted too?: "Eu não achei que você pegasse o caminho errado"?

I couldn't try my second solution as I tried it with the wrong "I acho que" translation first.


The grammatically correct form would be the Futuro do Pretérito: "Eu não achei/pensei que você pegaria o caminho errado".


Can anyone please explain to me why Duo accepted "eu não pensei que você tomaria o caminho errado"?, as none of you have suggested that tomar should also be accepted?

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