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"I did not think you would take the wrong way."

Translation:Eu não pensei que você errasse o caminho.

October 13, 2013



Is there a reason why "Eu não ACHEI que você errasse o caminho." should not be accepted? I thought it was more or less the same as "Eu não PENSEI que você errasse o caminho."


Yes, "achei" would be an acceptable replacement in this context. However, I think a better translation for this sentence would be " Eu não pensei/achei que você fosse pegar o caminho errado".


or "eu não achei que você fosse errar o caminho".


I have been writing "Eu não pensei que tu errasses o caminho" and corrected to "...você errasse...". Have I been misspelling something?


No, but there aren't many options using "tu" on DL database =/


as a portuguese speaker I think that the answer "Eu não achei que você escolheria o caminho errado" should be accepted.


This one still doesn't accept 'tu errasses'


I just came here to say that. It seems that in a lot of cases the European Portugese is not accepted as a correct anwser.


Acydneon, that is probably because Duolingo is marketed as a Brazilan Portuguese course. I would not be doning this course if it was European Portugese, as my Daughter-in-Law is Brazilian, and I want to learn her language.


Accepted: "Eu não pensei que você pegasse o caminho errado"

Was this accepted too?: "Eu não achei que você pegasse o caminho errado"?

I couldn't try my second solution as I tried it with the wrong "I acho que" translation first.


The grammatically correct form would be the Futuro do Pretérito: "Eu não achei/pensei que você pegaria o caminho errado".


Would you use this expression for "I did not think you would take IT the wrong way"? As in "I didn't expect you to interpret what I said in that way...."


Can anyone please explain to me why Duo accepted "eu não pensei que você tomaria o caminho errado"?, as none of you have suggested that tomar should also be accepted?

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