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"Flere norske studenter velger å studere i utlandet."

Translation:More Norwegian students are choosing to study abroad.

July 11, 2015



Does "flere" in other cases mean "many" or does it always mean "more"?


The best translation for "flere" will always be either "several/multiple" or "more", depending on the intended meaning of the sentence.

noen = some
flere = several, multiple, more
mange = many


So it depends on context? In this case it can be either several or more, right?


Is there any difference between "i utlandet" and "utlands"?


Not when used as a preposition.


Do you mean adverb or am I getting confused?


I meant that 'i (utlandet)' and 'utenlands' are prepositions in Norwegian.

'utenlands' can be used as an adjective in some cases, while 'i utlandet' cannot, so they're not always interchangeable, but most of the time they would probably be.


are you serious? I think you mean adverb. The only preposition I can see here is "i".


I admit that 'i utlandet' might not be a preposition (although 'i' certainly is), however, 'utenlands' is actually considered as both a preposition and an adjective :)


I'd be interested to see an example of either "i utlandet" or "utenlands" used as a preposition.


This cannot be an example for a use as preposition. A preposition has to be followed by a noun phrase (hence the name).


"Flere norske studenter velger å studere [i utlandet/utenlands]."


"Utland" is a noun, and "utenlands" is an adveb. But when used like this they seem to be interchangeable.

  • "I utlandet" = in the abroad. (literally)
  • "utenlands" = abroad.


@fveldig: In that case, a preposition in Norwegian must have a different definition than in English. I guess that we'll just have to agree to disagree.

The "@fveldig:", by the way, is an attempt to indicate that this entry is a reply to fveldig's comment further up. Unfortunately, Duo appears to limit the permitted depth of replies in discussions.


Is the education in Norway bad? Aren't there any good universities?


On the contrary. Education is quite good in Norway. But many Norwegians want to gather foreign experiences and improve their knowledge of foreign languages.


It's true. Many students from Norway study medicine in Slovakia.


Is it always overseas? I thought it meant out of the country?


you are right. "overseas" is not the best translation. Better is "abroad", whis is at least accepted as well. But report it next time.


Could someone please provide a direct URL for this resource? Those of us using the app cannot follow URLs embedded in rich text, and it is not always easy to find the sentence again on the Duolingo website. Tusen takk!

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