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Is anyone here an Esperanto speaker?

I am learning Esperanto. My brother said I would have trouble finding people who speak it. He's right, for the outside world. I would like to have some Esperanto speaking friends

~Queen Airwen (ComputerGeek11)

July 11, 2015



The Hellotalk app is good for talking and practicing, and I'm pretty sure I used it for Esperanto a while ago. I got my Portuguese up a lot from talking to people on Hellotalk and I had something like 200 chats/partners so I had very diverse conversations. Esperanto isn't as big as Portuguese so it'll be harder to find partners but yeah :)


I just started using HelloTalk to practice my Polish and it's been phenomenal! :)


Well, I don't think I qualify as a "speaker" yet, but I'm learning it.


That should be 'an Esperanto speaker'!


Why downvote? He's giving constructive criticism here guys >:C I upvoted you psion c:


I'm learning Esperanto myself and there are a number of Esperanto speakers on Duolingo, I believe. I'm sure you'll meet some. :)


Also check some of the other Esperanto websites like lernu

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