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Autocorrection suggestion

I recently tried to use the timed practice features of the Duolingo website from my iPad. Let me say that I thoroughly enjoy the timed practice on desktop, as it helps me work on my listening "reflexes", so to speak.

Well, to the point: when doing the timed practice on my iPad, the autocomplete features of the iPad render it very difficult to complete sentences unless I set the device to the language I'm learning.

It would be a very small but very helpful enhancement to Duolingo on the web to disable autocomplete, autocorrect, and autocapitalize on the timed practice text areas.

Thanks for continually improving and expanding the product!

October 13, 2013



I personally would like it to remain the way it is now. Just enable the relevant keyboard. It is not that much of an annoyance. I constantly shift between German English Spanish and French keyboards. I like the autocomplete function when I am getting stuck on spelling when typing something on duolingo. In English and other languages ! But maybe that is just my opinion.


The problem is that autocorrection/autocomplete/autocapitalization are not coming from Duolingo at all. No, they're coming from the browser. While it is simple to disable these features on the text box (as Duolingo already does in other places), implementing a custom Duolingo-provided autocorrection feature would be more work.

(See http://davidwalsh.name/disable-autocorrect for some commentary on the HTML attributes.)

Spellcheck doesn't bother me. I know that I am typing Italian, and I know my device is in English, so I can live with red squigglies. But autocorrection/autocomplete/autocapitalization change what I type into the wrong words in the wrong language, and make timed practices--which are really cool--nearly impossible to benefit from.

For me, I am using Duolingo to learn. I do not want it to be tolerant of my mistakes. And it isn't; my browser is, and in the wrong way. I do not want Safari to quietly autocorrect my Italian into English when doing a timed practice. Because speed is everything, having to continually dismiss autocorrection suggestions with every last word makes it very difficult to finish more than a single question, where on the desktop I can complete ten or more without much difficulty.

As I said earlier, I quite like timed practices. I think Duolingo created a very fun learning tool there. With a trivial modification, iPad users can take advantage of the timed practices as well.

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