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  5. "É criancice!"

"É criancice!"

Translation:It is childish!

October 13, 2013



This translation is not good.

Childish is an adjective: "infantil".

Criancice is a noun: an act that is childish, childish thing.


Yeah, I wrote "It is childishness" to keep it as a noun. You're right that the translation is a little slack, but I think the Portuguese still makes sense.


Nice....childishness would be perfect.


Let me present here a couple morphological resources of the Portuguese language.

  • The ending -ice is commonly used to construct derogatory nouns: criancice, burrice, chatice, mesmice, tolice etc.
  • Similarly, the ending -ento is commonly used to construct derogatory adjectives: avarento, nojento, briguento, fedorento, birrento etc.

Those are not the only possible endings for derogatory nouns and adjectives, but are certainly the most used for new constructions of the kind.
Just a hint. ;)

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