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"Jeg spiser brunost til frokost."

Translation:I eat brown cheese for breakfast.

July 11, 2015



I know "brunost" literally translates to "brown cheese" but this messes me up, because even when I'm speaking english, I call it "brunost" not "brown cheese."


If you guys aren't aware yet, they now accept "brunost" as a translation for "brunost" in all of the questions that have the word, so far as I can tell. FEAR NOT! We no longer need to type "brown cheese" lol :D


I'm so curious about how brown cheese tastes like…


I just had it for the first time yesterday. I'm sad to report that I didn't like it :( But! If you like sweet and salty things, then you might like it just fine.


I think you are supposed to eat it with jam.


The flavor is somewhere between condensed milk (which is what it is) and caramel (from caramelizing the lactose while heating the milk to condense it). The texture is similar to a stiff creamy nut butter.


There are different kinds, at least two that I am aware of are gudbrandsdalsost (from the Gudbrand valley) which is a mix of cow and goat milk (and is probably more palatable for the average person) and ekte geitost, all goat milk, has a little more "character", I'd say because I lack the vocabulary for describing tastes well. The best chance of finding it in the US is probably under the name "Ski Queen" which Norwegian company Tine uses for its exported product. I'd try Whole Foods or a local cheesemonger (they might do a special order?), and if those yield no results, there appear to be a couple vendors on Amazon that ship it with an ice pack (the price is a bit steep if you're only mildly curious). Edit: A little goes a long way. An ostehøvel cuts quite a thin slice from a block.

It's whey that's been reduced to gravy consistency and then cooled, with cream maybe added near the end of the reduction process to make it smooth.


I wish I could post pictures. I took a photo this summer of all the Tine (manufacturer) brunost available in the supermarket. They were:

Innherred (Brunost – mørk og søt); Geitost* (Ekte – rik og kraftig); Junior (Fløtemysost – lys og mild); Gudbrandsdalsost (Original – G35); Fløtemysost (Lett – 16% fett); Fløtemysost (Original); Misvær (Brunost – lys og mild).

Prices ranged from 130-170 NOK.

*My favourite cheese of ALL time.


See if this works: Brunost


Have you tried the fløtemysost? Is it softer than the geitost?


It's softer, much milder, lighter in colour, and made from cow's milk rather than goat's milk. There's not much of a tang to it at all, just sweetness. A good gateway brunost. :)


That sounds similar to Icelandic mysuostur, which I love. I'll be keeping my eye out for fløtemysost where I buy the geitost :^) Tusen takk!


I love brunost, BUT, it has a more lactose in it than normal cheese, so it made me very sick - don't eat it if you have any lactose sensitivities :(


It's so good! Think of it as caramel, not cheese. It's very rich. Good on Norwegian waffles with strawberry jam. I also made mac'n'cheese with it once haha


I have experienced it a few times and I love it. Expecially if it happens in Norway :)


I still cant tell when to use til and when to use på. Is there a rule?


a balanced duolingo breakfast


Is brunost similar to mysuostur?


Are you Icelandic too?

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I finally got to try brunost: YUM. And I did eat it for breakfast. I regret deeply that I didn't buy the brunost gelato I found in a fancy grocery on Lofoten, but I was driving & didn't want it to melt. Sadly, I never saw it again while I was in Norway.


Yes! Oats with melted brunost = by far the best breakfast in the world! :D


I did not know my first name meant "brown". Now my life makes sense, I am (almost) a brown cheese!

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