Double Duo Delight (500-day streak and completing the Swedish tree)

Today is a very special day for me since I got not one, but two special reasons for celebrating! I have managed to finish my Swedish tree (which is now completely golden!) and at the same time I realised that today is my 500th day of my streak!

Now hold my beer while I do a happy dance!

July 11, 2015


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Congrats :-)

July 11, 2015

Grattis! Jag kan hålla din öl. :-)

Quite an accomplishment and such good timing. Congratulations!

Grattis! Bra jobbat! Du borde göra ett svenska-quiz för att se hur bra du har blivit:)

Great job! That is something to celebrate. Congratulations!

Congrats! And great (Hogwarts) house, by the way! ;D

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