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I really wanna learn Norwegian!

My grandmother is Norwegian, and I really wanna learn it so I can speak to my grandmother! Or is there any other alternative to learn Norwegian?

October 13, 2013



Did you see the news about the Incubator? (http://www.duolingo.com/comment/931353) People will be able to add new language combinations when they are fluent in both languages.

Here is the direct incubator link as mentioned in the discussion: http://incubator.duolingo.com


What do you mean by "Or is there any other alternative to learn Norwegian"? Beside Duolingo? People have been learning Norwegian since long before Duolingo came around, so of course there are. That being said, you won't find near as many materials on Norwegian as the more widely spoken languages.

One day there will be a Norwegian course though, so if you really want to learn Norwegian via Duolingo, then you could just focus on Portuguese for now until there is a Norwegian course.


I and several other Norwegians here are interested in making an English to Norwegian Duolingo course, so rest assured that it will certainly come in the future once they allow us to make it.

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