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"Hun skjønner ikke hva jeg sier."

Translation:She does not understand what I am saying.

July 11, 2015



What's the difference between å skjønne and å forstå?

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"Realise" is often a good translation for skjønne. Another translation for skjønne is something little kids say: "I don't get it!"

Å skjønne is related to that which is apparent (based on perception). Å forstå is related to that which is factual (can be proven).
The difference can be illustrated in the reading of a document in unfamiliar parlance (e.g., a high school student reading a legal brief), "I realise what it says, but I don't understand what it means," (Jeg skjønner det som står der, men jeg forstår ikke hva det betyr.)


Most of the time they're interchangeable.


Jeg skjønner ikke hva hun sier... Jeg måtte lytte den sakte versjonen.


Would it also be correct to say "Hun skjønner ikke det jeg sier"?

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Yes. That's correct, too. You can also say, "... ikke det som jeg sier."

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