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We need a Swedish Immersion!

I've used Immersion for Spanish and it really helps in expanding vocabulary and fluency. We need a Swedish immersion because there's tons of vocabulary not covered on Duolingo that we should need to learn.

July 11, 2015



Oh...what a shame.


Yeah, I was really sad to hear Duo doesn't plan to extend Immersion to other languages.

I'll say that I learned a lot about Swedish before Duo by practicing my own "immersion" though by seeking out Swedish bands and then translating their songs into English. The benefit of translating songs is that if you're like me and like to sing along, you get to use and hear the new words you learn over and over so they stick pretty well.


It is a great idea, immersion was helped me in his time.


I found Google Translate Community you can do some translations there but they don't translate wole articles only phrases.

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