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"Nous ne lui disons jamais que nous l'aimons."

Translation:We never tell him that we love him.

December 29, 2012



We don't ever tell him that we love him. Why not? It's good English


"We never say to him that we like him" isn't accepted?


I believe that should count as a correct translation.


It sounds a bit awkward ("say to him" vs "tell him")

But the feminine version should be acceptable "we never tell her that we love her"


Bt my same answer was not accepted


I put 'we never tell her that we love him' how is that wrong I thought 'lui' could mean her or him?


"lui" can mean il or elle, as an indirect object : nous lui disons (à lui or à elle)

"him" as a direct object translates to "le", that here is elided to l'


Why is "We never tell him that we like it" not acceptable please?


How many people or animals are there in your story?

If "l'" were an "it", the sentence would be "nous ne lui disons jamais que nous aimons ça".

Failing that, "l'" is the same person as "lui": "him" or "her".


"like" or "love" ? How can we tell for sure? Duo did not accept "like".


Why use 'lui' and not 'le'?


"Lui" is the indirect pronoun form of "il" or "elle" when the verb is constructed with the preposition "à".

So, "à+il" or "à+elle" = lui.

Dire quelque chose à quelqu'un = to say something to somebody.

"Nous disons à notre enfant que nous l'aimons" becomes "Nous lui disons que nous l'aimons" when "notre enfant" is replaced by a personal pronoun that you have to place before the verb.


Not just this phrase but having the students answer covered by the correct one is very unhelpful!

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