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  5. "De har på seg dressene."

"De har seg dressene."

Translation:They wear the suits.

July 11, 2015



I'm getting confused as to when the article "the" is needed and when it's not needed. It seemed in the possessive lesson that "the" was understood and not necessary to translate, i.e. kvinnene elsker mennene sine, "the women love their husbands." With "har på (seg, meg, etc)" I thought "the" would be understood too. But here I answered "They are wearing suits" and was corrected to "They are wearing the suits."

Note: I'm doing this from the app and not the website so I may have missed some info. Duo, it'd be nice if you included the informational pieces at the beginning of lessons on the website in the app too


"They are wearing suits" = De har paa seg dresser. (not 100% sure that this is the correct plural.)

"They are wearing the suits." De har paa seg dressene.


When playing this fast, does this sound like 'vi' to anyone else?


Yup, I make that mistake frequently :/


Usually I can tell them apart, but in this sentence the slow audio is clearly de, and the fast audio is clearly vi.


I can clearly hear a 'd', but the audio might be worse on some speakers?


The audio sounds weird: like 'draisene' with an English 'r' and 'a' like in 'raise'. Is that correct?


That must be a robot talking, the audio sounds very weird! I asked my Norwegian girlfriend (I live in Oslo, but sound like a furriner). The right pronunciation would be more like 'dress-'e-ne´ (The last syllable slightly lighter than the two former ones.) Same thing goes for endene (the ducks). The way DL says 'en-'en'-e´means 'the asses/the bottoms'. The right stress should be 'en-e´-ne´. The d should not be pronounced, DL does that right.


I think it's the new voices... I'm not a fan!


I would say no. The last voice sounded differently and said clearly "dressene". I was also confused yet.


Wear and are wearing should be accepted!


Barney Stinson har på seg dressen


While I think we can all agree that you must translate this as "They wear THE suits" (or "they are wearing THE suits"), that sounds very awkward in English. For one thing, it sort of implies that each of them is wearing multiple suits. Or that somehow they are collectively wearing a groups of suits. 99% of the time we would say "They are wearing suits", meaning that each of them is wearing A (singular) suit. So the question is: Is the Norwegian sentence here typical of how a Norwegian would say it? i.e. would they tend to use a definite article, as in "THE suits", and which of the meanings here are they trying to convey?


I can think of an example. "where are the suits and shoes that we bought for the football team? They are wearing the suits but not the shoes"


Analyzing the sentense, how do I know in advance that "They are wearing suits" is incorrect?


You know "suits" is incorrect because "dressene" is the definite plural, hence you have to say "the suits".


This audio is broken! My Norwegian boyfriend could not understand the word "dressene". Duo, fix it please :)


I guess Sunny IS wearing a dress to our wedding!


De er men in black


Why not they are wearing suits?


Because "dressene" is the definite plural form.

dresser = suits
dressene = the suits


Wear and are wearing should be accepted


It accepted 'are wearing' for me. Perhaps you had another mistake or typo in your sentence that you didn't notice?


confused i born in norway


De har på seg dressene = They wear their suits


What would be the closest Norwegian equivalent of Barney Stinson's "suit up!"?

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