I found some translation errors either english-german or german english! Could you check it,please?

October 13, 2013


Thank you for noticing and for creating a discussion. Are you familiar with the report function during lessons? After answering a question, a report button will appear. Under that button are several options such as: "My answer should be accepted"; "The audio doesn't sound right"; "The English/Foreign sentence is unnatural"; and an open field in case the problem doesn't fit any of the given descriptions. If you come across any more mistakes, could you try reporting them in this way? This will help staff members to recognise the questions that are causing problems. Thank you for taking the time to report errors as it will help improve everybody's learning experience.

Lenkvist you are a true hero.

I am using the English to Spanish lessons on the iPhone App, and there does not appear to be a "report function" on the App (most likely, a real-estate limitation). In the "Nature" exercise there is a Translate this sentence question : "The sheet". And the correct answer is "La hoja". The error here would appear to be that the question should read "The leaf" rather than "The sheet"

I've never used the App, but from what I understand, there isn't a "report" feature yet. Do you have a "Support" tab? It would be mid-screen on the left side, with "Support" written vertically.

If you do, you can use that to report errors from within lessons.

Thank you for the prompt response. No, there isn't a support tab on the App. I just logged into the web version and logged a support item.

By the way, GREAT application. I just discovered Duolingo 2 weeks ago and have found it very helpful and well designed. Recommending to all my friends. Bravo!

Sorry I couldn't help more.
FYI - I'm not staff, just a learner like you with extra "powers". Luis however (up top in this thread) is Duolingo's CEO.

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