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Difficulty strengthening lessons in Esperanto

Is anybody else having trouble with strengthening lessons back to gold? I seem to have several near the end of the Esperanto tree that won't go back to gold no matter how often they are repeated. Maybe the algorithms need to be tweaked (he said, as if he understood how algorithms function.)

July 11, 2015



I think it may have to do with how successful you are at the lessons. I've noticed that when I am reviewing but making a lot of mistakes, I often can't get the skills to turn gold. It seems like simply making it to the end of a review session isn't enough, you actually have to be satisfactory at what you're practicing.


If you go through each lesson and answer 100% correctly, the skill will stay gold for weeks or months, especially if you do the timed "strengthen skills". If you go through and make plenty of errors and look at the hints frequently, the skill will not stay gold for long at all. Try an experiment and go through a skill w/ no errors, to see how long it stays gold.


I find mousing over words to get translations has a big negative effect on strengthening.


I think that Duolingo can't detect when you do that.


They claim they do


I feel like they do, but the human capacity to perceive correlation where none exists is renowned.


OMG yes!! No matter how many times I go over the words I have to keep strengthening them. Even if it's words that I swear are chiseled into my memory. Even if I answer all them perfectly they have to repeated the next day. It's strange.

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