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  5. "An fia rua."

"An fia rua."

Translation:The red deer.

July 11, 2015



The difference between rua and dearg? I'm on mobile so I'm not sure if this is covered in the course.


Dearg is red, rua is a colour English doesn't really have a word for somewhere in between red and brown. It's a rusty colour, like red-headed people's hair and foxes. In Irish a fox is called 'madra rua', literally a rust-coloured dog


Every Irish Setter I ever knew in Ireland was called Rua.


I don't think so, it's browner than that. You'd be closer with auburn


Dearg is for the colour red. Rua refers to a reddish colour in hair/ fur.

It's a bit like how you say 'blonde/blond' hair in English rather than just 'yellow' hair. Similar idea.


rua covers hair and fur like things. dearg doesn't.


The Doherty coat of arms. :)


Are there a lot of deer in Ireland? I don't remember seeing one.


You probably didn't see many mice, rabbits, squirrels, badgers otters or hares either - wild animals are shy.

There are 3 main Deer species living in the wild in Ireland, with a total population of between 30,000 and 50,000. Just last week the National Park and Wildlife Service culled 25 deer in Dublin's Phoenix Park, from a herd of about 450.


Interesting info. Thanks!

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